Hello my name is Kimberly, it all started when I discovered Reiki and Sound Therapy during my own journey of self-discovery and healing. At the time I was studying psychology, which was rooted in a calling I’ve always felt to help others. This journey was filled with enlightened discoveries of the many benefits of holistic healing modalities. As I embraced and practiced these different methods I experienced first hand the positive impact they were making in my own life. This experience served as a catalyst to deepen my knowledge and complete the certifications necessary to practice these healing techniques so that I may help others. I am grateful for this journey and the gift of healing that has been bestowed upon me. Lotus in Bloom Healing is the manifestation of my passion to make a positive impact on others. I live in gratitude and feel so fortunate to have found my calling in life. I am truly thankful and blessed. I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you as you embark on and empower your own personal journey.

I am also very passionate about animals and their well-being. I have been fostering and rescuing pets from an early age. Because of my love for all things four legged and furry, I also extend my Reiki services to them as well. It is my belief that our pets are like our children and deserve the same level of care and comfort that we ourselves aspire to.